Prerequisites Angular 2

1. Install Node JS

Please download NodeJS from the following link and install

2. Install Appache and PHP

You get the latest update Download Download the latest Version and install XAMP

3. Create Project Folder

You can create the application direc into the htdocs folder, or you can create a subfolder in your htdocs, this is up to you. If you place your app direct in htdocs goto step 5

4. Create a subfolder

Create a folder in htdocs 30SecondsDevelop and modify your path in the httpd.conf file, search for DocumentRoot „D:/xampp/htdocs/“

Modify the path that it meets your requirements:

DocumentRoot „D:/xampp/htdocs/30SecondsDevelop“

5. Install NPM

Open your command prompt in your project directory or change the directory that access to the project directory. Please enter the following commands

Change the folder to your working directory and enter the following commands.

git clone quickstart
cd 30SecondsDevelop
npm install
npm start

Then Angular start begin to compile. Please check your compile messages.

5. Jasmine – In the past we had trouble with Jasmine, here are the solution.

In the past we had trouble with Jasmine, here are the solution. In case of any hassle with your jasmine files, you can dowload a working version of the jasmin files. In the next picture you can see where you have to replace the content of the package.

If this is the case, please download the folder below and replace it with the Jasmine folder.

Here is the download link Jasmine

If you need deeper guidance please visit

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